The Sun is Shining Brightly!

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It is amazing how a few degrees warmer and a lot of bright sunshine and blue skies can make you hopeful that spring really IS just around the corner.  It is 37 degrees (so far) today, and warm enough that I have my heavy front door open, with glass storm door.  Lucky dog is very happy about that…he’s got a sunspot to lie in.

Last night I spent a little time doing some sketches of future works. Sadly, Im still not very inspired. Back in January I was thinking of  making a pact with myself to do one small (very small) quilt per month for 2014. Some people do one a WEEK! geesh! I think I need a little more recovery time from this surgery…Im still feeling a bit foggy, and both shoulders still hurt. (They TAPED me to the surgery table by my shoulders!)

I don’t know if any of you use or look at….there’s a link at the beginning of this post that I use for my stuff.

I will try to get some photos on the next blog. Have a great week and I hope you, too, have sunshine (and if you are in California, I wish you RAINY days and wet skies!)


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In Memory of Grandpa

I made 4 of these out of clothes from a lady’s deceased Grandpa. They will be presented as Xmas gifts shortly. I re-created shirts and pants, and made 4 pr. of suspenders out of his 2 actual pairs. The log cabin patches are arranged so that an “O” encircles Grandpa’s outfit, although it’s a bit hard to see because the light green in the lower right doesnt show up very well.

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December 16, 2013 · 9:27 pm

Snow and 50 degrees???

What a weird winter,Image 

What a weird winter we’ve had, and it isnt even winter yet! 6 more days till it is official.

Just 2 wks ago, it was 65 degrees here in Columbus,OH…then a couple days later, I took this photo out the window of the place where I was dogsitting.  Go figure.  We are back to snow again this week, but it is supposed to be 51 on Thursday. I dont get it.  The animals and flowers are so confused…my dog is shedding and there is (no lie!)a bud on my iris plant.

I have finally finished up the 4 custom quilts I was making for a lady who lost her Grandpa. I used Grandpa’s clothes and 2 sets of suspenders, to  create 4 lap quilts. I re-created pants and shirts,and turned the suspenders into 4 pr. I sewed the “button strip” from his shirts onto the fronts of the shirts I re-created.  I was pretty happy with the way they turned out…customer loved them. I hope it will bring back happy memories for all of her family.

I am having my neck fused Jan. 7, so I wont be sewing for awhile  I dont know for how long, and that is rather unsettling. Maybe I will be better at keeping up my blog–surely I can use the computer with a neck brace?

I will add some photos and hope you enjoy them.

Have a very MERRIE HOLIDAY, a Happy Christmas, and whatever you celebrate, may it be with friends and family, and full of fun and warmth.


Susi and Lucky dog

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Mid-September Craziness

Well, it is now September.  Time has been flying by while I have been sewing.  I have a show coming up next week…Pearl Market in downtown Columbus (OH) on Friday, September 20, from 10am to 2:30pm.

I have all sorts of goodies for early Xmas shoppers; pretty Xmas aprons, birds, mice, hedgehogs….sets of 3 “nesting” dolls made from fabric, and lots more. I also have Halloween goodies and Day of the Dead items. I am really hoping that it won’t rain–I hate rainy day craft shows.

It looks like the heat wave has finally broken…it’s 10 degrees cooler already, and we are supposed to have autumn weather, beginning this weekend.  The local group I belong to, IMAGIN8GALLERIA will be participating in our first craft show on October 26 at the Franklin Church in New Albany, OH. I will post more on this next month.

I have my name on a few waiting lists for senior housing and hope to move sometime this year.  I don’t look forward to packing up all the art supplies in my studio.

Have a great weekend, and I will attempt to keep this more up-to-date once the craft shows are over.


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In 2 days it will be August! Time for back-to-school thoughts in most communities.  I am already scouting out the school supply sales for all the goodies I like to stock up on for the year.  This year, it includes Elmer’s School Glue…that’s what I use on my batiked fabric.

I really liked making the batiks with glue and paints.  I will have a stash of small pieces to use this winter if I am able to sew.  Oh yeh–bad news for me–my fused neck has developed  a new “bad” disk above the fusion. It is setting up against my spinal cord, so I am going to have to have that removed and fused. I am anticipating a stiffer neck than the one I have now, and I am NOT happy about it.  Worse news…my lower back is disintegrating, and I may end up having Imback surgery on top of neck surgery.  I hope not–Im NOT ready for any of this!  I go see the surgeon Aug.12 to see what options I may have.

I am having an awful time with my computer…I type something, and half the letters in the word jump around and end up either in the middle of the earlier text, or they’ve floated off somewhere that I can’t see.  This is so frustrating! I have no idea what is causing it.

My geek told me it might be me resting my wrists…but Im not doing that. I tried fixing the “pointing” mechanism. That didnt work. So now I think I will have to wait till my geek returns from baseball camp and vaction the middle of August. Oh well.  If you see typos, it might not be all “me” causing them 🙂

HOw do you like this angry July sky photo? We had 19 days in a row of this, earlier in the month.  Now, we are  getting “glorious” September weather…a month skies and sun and not so hot. I love it.

Have a healthy happy start to August,

Susi and Lucky dog

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July 30, 2013 · 7:29 pm

The End of July

In 2 days it will be AugustImage

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Rainy July

What a strange month this is! Last night the local news said that we had had 19 days straight of rain.  Last year, it was 101 degrees here in July.  I am glad the rain is providing my plants with the water they need–I can barely afford to water them from the faucet this year. 

I do wish it would rain at night and let me be outside during the day. I really need to work on some fabric dyeing, and I do it outside. If it’s full sun, I can only do sunprints and it’s too hot. If it’s a bit cloudy, that is great…however, we have also had a lot of wind, which blows away my fabric, paintbrushes, etc. What’s a girl to do?

In the new local art group that I helped found, we are going to make greeting cards, tags, etc. this month, to sell on our Etsy site.  This fundraiser will begin to load our treasury so that we will be able to do more in the future.  I got a book from the library called “50 Nifty Beaded Cards” by CHris Rankin, that you might enjoy perusing.  It has a lot of neat ideas for cards including stamped cards, collages, and embossing.  You don’t have to actually use beads to make them attractive, but the beaded cards are unique and would be so neat to receive!

Enjoy the coming weekend and cross your fingers for my fabric dyeing!

Susi, and Lucky Dog, who hides under a chair in the shade when I am dyeing.

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